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About AutoGear

The idea came when it was time to build a new Toyota dealership here in Rhinelander. We knew we were going to have a 10,000 square foot building but what should we do with it? Since our accessories departments had been doing so well at both our GM and Toyota locations, we decided it was time to give them their own distinctly different department: AutoGear. With our in-house marketer Tarsie G. taking the lead on design, we found colors, created a logo, and made the idea real. Being able to offer both OEM and aftermarket accessories has not only helped our dealerships, but helped us with the confidence to launch such a unique venture. No place in Northern Wisconsin has a larger inventory paired with the outstanding technicians that install your newest purchases. Our staff members are trained and educated over and over on not only industry and factory standards, but our standards as well. We strive for complete satisfaction from the moment we conceptualize an idea, to the moment of completion. At AutoGear if you want it, we can build it.